This special type of treatment is applied to the lens to reduce the amount of light reflected off the lens. Doing so it allows others to see more of you rather than the reflections of the lens. This type of lens choice allows more light to go through and it therefore improves contrast and overall vision. An anti-reflective coating can also be beneficial in an office setting where the eyes tend to get more tired towards the end of the day because of frequent computer use. Another benefit of the anti-reflective coating is for drivers that experience glare and halos during night time driving. Applying this type of treatment to the lens can reduce these symptoms and improve night time driving.


This type of lens coating is applied to not only help reduce fine scratches with common use of eyeglasses, but to also increase the durability of the lens. An anti-scratch coating is not intended to make the lenses completely scratch proof but it does offer superior protection by protecting the lenses and reducing the appearance of scratched that would otherwise be quite visible. It is important to note that an anti-scratch coating does not impact the clarity of your lens and that it is invisible when applied.


Polarized lenses improve vision by blocking light travelling in a certain direction. This type of light is reflected off as glare from horizontal surfaces such as in lakes, the rear window or hood of a car.Doing so polarized lenses reduce glare and can be very beneficial for fishermen, daytime drivers and golfers. You can expect to be more comfortable with a polarized lens as there will be a reduction in brightness and bothersome glare.


Photochromic lenses provide UV-protection built in to your lenses. This allows your lenses to change from clear to dark in the presence of sunlight then back to clear when you are indoors. Upgrading to photochromic lenses eliminates the need to switch to prescription sunglasses once you are outdoors. They are quite convenient as the change from clear to dark is done automatically since it is induced by natural sunlight.

Blue Light Coating

This type of lens is designed to give you that extra comfort when you are surrounded by various digital devices such as computer monitors, GPS, tablets or cell phones. Our blue light coating helps filter out some of the damaging effects of blue light. Even though blue light itself is a natural phenomenon and it is present in daylight, being overly exposed to it can have an damaging effect to your eyes which then causes eye fatigue , eye strain and even sleeplessness.